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<table border="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td><p align="center"><a href="#" onclick="window.open('/files/images/room_1_1.jpg','','')"><img src="/files/images/room_1_1s.jpg" alt="" width="180" height="120" /></a></p></td><td><p align="center"><a href="#" onclick="window.open('/files/images/room_1_3.jpg','','')"><img src="/files/images/room_1_3s.jpg" alt="" width="120" height="180" /></a></p></td><td><p align="center"><a href="#" onclick="window.open('/files/images/room_1_2.jpg','','')"><img src="/files/images/room_1_2s.jpg" alt="" width="180" height="120" /></a></p></td></tr></tbody></table><p><span style="color: #993300"><strong>Single room&nbsp;</strong></span>&ndash; Cozy accommodation to make you feel at home. There is one bed in the room, in the room you can find everything for your needs: table, armchair, refrigerator, spacious wardrobe for your clothes.</p><table border="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td rowspan="2" height="40" align="left"><p><b>&nbsp;Single room</b></p></td><td><p align="center">&nbsp;Price per day for one person, RUR</p></td><td><p align="center">&nbsp;Price per day for two people, RUR</p></td></tr><tr><td><p align="center">3000-3900 (the cost depends on living space)</p></td><td><p align="center">&nbsp;50% of the room cost</p></td></tr></tbody></table><p align="right">&nbsp;<a href="/reservation.html" title="Reservation">&gt;&gt;&gt;&nbsp; Reservation</a></p><p align="right">&nbsp;</p><table border="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td><p align="center"><a href="#" onclick="window.open('/files/images/room_2_1.jpg','','')"><img src="/files/images/room_2_1s.jpg" alt="" width="180" height="120" /></a></p></td><td><p align="center"><a href="#" onclick="window.open('/files/images/room_2_3.jpg','','')"><img src="/files/images/room_2_3s.jpg" alt="" width="180" height="120" /></a></p></td><td><p align="center"><a href="#" onclick="window.open('/files/images/room_2_2.jpg','','')"><img src="/files/images/room_2_2s.jpg" alt="" width="180" height="120" /></a></p></td></tr></tbody></table><p><span style="color: #993300"><strong>Double - room suite&nbsp;</strong></span>&ndash; Including one bedroom and a connecting living room. Your Home within the hotel. It also can be a good variant for the family.</p><table border="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td rowspan="2" align="left" valign="top" style="height: 40px"><p><b>&nbsp;Double room &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;suite </b></p></td><td><p align="center">Price per day for one person, RUR</p></td><td><p align="center">&nbsp;Price per day for two people, RUR</p></td><td><p align="center">&nbsp;Extra bed, RUR</p></td></tr><tr><td><p align="center">&nbsp;6500</p></td><td><p align="center">9000</p></td><td><p align="center">&nbsp;10500</p></td></tr></tbody></table><p align="right"><a href="/reservation.html" title="Reservation">&gt;&gt;&gt;&nbsp; Reservation</a></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><span style="color: #993300"><strong>Note:</strong></span><br /><br />1. The cost of double-room suite for just married is 5000 RUR.<br />2. Buffet breakfast is included.<br />3. The cost of room for children up to 5 years is free of charge.<br />4. For reservation one should pay reservation tax that is 25% of the room cost.<br />5. If you have extra bed, reservation tax is 10% of the room cost.<br />6. For room one should pay by the day, pay - hour is 12 AM. </p>

Phone: (3462) 51-18-25
(3462) 51-18-26


15 Yugorskaya st., Surgut, 628401, phone/fax: +7(3462) 51-18-25, 51-18-26,